Captain Thomas Koehnlein

     Since it’s inception in 2002, the Jefferson County Special Response Team (SRT) has provided a selection of law enforcement officers who train and specialize in several areas of expertise which include high-risk warrant services, active shooter containment, hostage negotiation and the extraction of barricaded suspects. Additionally, the SRT extends services to the general public such as threat assessments for schools, businesses, public events and churches, as well as basic first-aid training. The SRT is multi-jurisdictional, serving all townships and municipal areas within Jefferson County when called upon. The SRT also assists the neighboring locations of Harrison County and Weirton, WV when the need arises. Members of the team are not paid, volunteering their time to train and carry out missions. The team has 24 operators in total: 1 Commander, 1 Assistant Commander, 2 Team Leaders, 2 Assistant Team Leaders and 18 general operators. Of those, several hold complimenting certifications such as Firearm Qualifier, Sniper, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic and CPR Instructor. These certifications give the SRT access to a well rounded, unique set of resources. The officers come from varying agencies, namely the Steubenville Police Department, Toronto Police Department, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and, of course, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Each of the members are deputized with the JCSO, enabling them to appropriately discharge law enforcement duties throughout Jefferson County. Furthermore, the TEMS Joint Ambulance District supplies tactical medical assistance to the team, ensuring an Advanced Life Support ambulance is at the ready when needed most.